Meet The New Boss …

There has been a lot of talk lately about how new Focus on the Family president Jim Daly was going to take a less hard-line, more open and engaging approach then did his predecessor, James Dobson.

Well, nothing says “things have changed” quite like penning a piece for WorldNetDaily, of all places, in order to declare that everyone should come together to support Daly’s right-wing agenda so as to make abortion less frequent, and ultimately illegal:

Pam and Tim Tebow’s 30-second appearance on this past Super Bowl broadcast has appeared to accomplish exactly what we hoped it would: initiate a national dialogue about the wonder of life, the beauty of family and the celebration of a woman’s decision to give birth to her baby boy.

At the root of our decision to create and produce this commercial lies a fundamental objective. How can we at Focus on the Family, an undeniably and unapologetically pro-life family help organization, work together with those who have a very different point of view on the morality of abortion – all in an effort to save innocent lives? Is it possible to join efforts with individuals who want to keep abortion legal, but have acknowledged a desire to make it rare? Can we shove off the rhetoric and begin anew a respectful but very direct and practical discussion of the topic?

I believe we can; and I am willing to try to do so.

Daly goes on to state that it is clear that “Roe v Wade was wrongly decided” and that his ultimate goal is to see the “day when abortion is illegal and relegated to the dust heap of history.” But, in the meantime, we ought to be working to “make abortion rare” by “[instituting] a Consent/Reflection waiting period at clinics,” “[requiring] abortion doctors to inform women of the option of seeing an ultrasound prior to the abortion,” “[requiring] parental involvement,” and encouraging adoption.

So basically, Daly’s supposed “openness” is going to be rooted in his belief that everyone should work together to support Focus on the Family’s right-wing, anti-choice efforts. 

What a welcome change!