Media Paving Way for Antichrist, AOC is ‘In a Cult,’ Says White-House-Visiting ‘Prophet’ Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau, speaking here at the Values Voter Summit (Photo: Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

Lance Wallnau broadcast a Facebook live video message to his followers on Thursday night in which he said the news media is the false prophet that the Bible predicts will pave the way for the Antichrist in the last days. Wallnau prophesied before the 2016 election that God had anointed Trump to be president, and he has been rewarded with access to Trump’s inner circle. Wallnau believes these are the End Times, saying in his video that he doesn’t “buy” that there are 200 or 300 years of history still ahead of us.

Wallnau said people should be on guard against the “surveillance state,” and he warned Christians not to be seduced by false doctrines or “novelty teachings” by some “YouTube guru”—perhaps dangerous territory for a guy who builds his brand online and promotes Seven Mountains Dominionism.

But Wallnau really got wound up when he started talking about the “false prophets” who he said are running CNN and NBC.

If Antichrist is ultimately a government spirit that takes over world governments to shut down Christians in the same way that Hitler took government and Nero took government, then the false prophet isn’t some guy who’s on Christian television prophesying false; the false prophet is the voice that supports the emergence of the Antichrist, and that’s media.

The world-ruler spirit is a false prophet. Remember, there’s principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness. The world-ruling prince that reaches from the BBC and CNN all over Asia, all over Europe, Central America and South America and Africa, it’s the voice of the false media, and everywhere I go in the world I have to listen to the torment of it, 24 hours a day. It’s a lying voice, trying to support an anti-Christian agenda, and it’s a counterfeit spirit …

Wallnau then moved on to talking about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, waving a news report about the fact that she had been recruited to run for office by Justice Democrats. Wallnau treated this as astonishing news, as if conservative and Religious Right groups don’t aggressively recruit people to run for office. Wallnau claimed that Ocasio-Cortez described the experience as a kind of “spiritual awakening” and declared that he feels sorry for her, saying, “It’s a counterfeit. You look at her eyes, man … She’s been taken in. She’s drinking the Kool-Aid. She’s in a cult. She doesn’t even have a rational bone in her body. She’s like in the cult.”

But in the next breath Wallnau was wishing that patriotic Christian women would step forward to be “vetted” and run for office. Wallnau said that he is “furious” that there aren’t more Christian voices out there supporting Trump. He said that “we”—it’s not clear who he meant—are planning bus tours through swing states in 2020 to get Trump-supporting Christians to vote.

Wallnau began to close his video by praying for God to bless Trump and grant him wisdom, the spirit of Elijah, divine protection, and a supernatural capacity for calm and joy. And then he asked God to change the hiring process in the White House, the subject of complaints by some right-wing activists and a focus of a White House meeting organized by Ginni Thomas in January. Here’s Wallnau:

I pray that your right hand is going to expose all of his enemies and uproot from those around him those that are not loyal and are not faithful and do not deserve to be there. I pray you’re gonna change whoever’s doing the hiring in the White House. We need somebody there who’s hiring people that isn’t hiring deep-state knuckleheads, but hiring people that’ll support this president. ….