McCain Hopes to Meet With Dobson

From Beliefnet: “Asked if the campaign has made contact with Focus on the Family’s Dobson, who issued a scathing statement last month about why he won’t support McCain, [McCain religious outreach liaison Brett O’Donnell] said no. But O’Donnell also said that the campaign would welcome communication from Dobson. ‘The Senator has always believed in the principle of redemption and rapprochement. That’s is what happened between him and Dr. [Jerry] Falwell—Dr. Falwell went to him and said, “We need to put our differences aside” and the Senator was very proud of that. So I can’t imagine if Dr. Dobson said, “I want to meet with you and I want to work out our differences,” that the Senator would not be open to that,’ O’Donnell said. ‘I’m very hopeful that we’ll have great support from those who listen to Dr. Dobson.’”