McCain Avoiding Brody File

CBN’s David Brody wrote a post today explaining to his readers why it is that he seems to keep interviewing Barack Obama but not John McCain. Turns out it is because McCain is trying to avoid him:

First of all, The Brody File has made numerous (dozens) of requests for a one on one interview with John McCain. Those requests have been turned down due to various reasons. Usually I am told it is a scheduling issue. I have been trying for six months. The Brody File has bent over backwards to try and get John McCain to discuss issues of faith, social policy and other matters. I am told that an interview will eventually be forthcoming. I believe it will happen and that is encouraging.

Here’s why: There is no doubt that the McCain camp realizes that religious conservatives are crucial to winning in November. The McCain staff is working hard to get out the vote. But the thinking inside the McCain camp also centers on how they need to appeal to Independents and moderates who may get turned off to some degree with excess talk about faith and social issues. There may be a reluctance to appear in part for this reason. After all, Brody File interviews end up on The 700 Club. But what’s important to remember about our audience (and I get reminded everyday in the emails I receive) is that we are read and viewed by voters from all faiths. It’s a wide spectrum with various political views.

So when you see Barack Obama sitting down with me and appearing on CBN, don’t think for a minute that we aren’t affording the same opportunity to John McCain. We are.

It seems that McCain doesn’t want to ruin what is left of his reputation as a “maverick” by sitting down with Brody because he works for Pat Robertson, whom McCain labeled an “agent of intolerance” back in 2000. Of course, that didn’t stop him from cozying up to Jerry Falwell, so this strategy doesn’t really make a lot of sense.