May Day: Saving America From Forced Starvation, Obama’s Brownshirts, and God’s Wrath

It seems as if every time Janet Porter dedicates her weekly WorldNetDaily column to discussing the upcoming “May Day Prayer Rally,” she becomes slightly more unhinged. 

She’s already claimed that nationwide prayer is necessary in order to break the curse this nation is under for having elected President Obama and try to wash the blood from our collective hands … and now she is warning that the government is going to orchestrate food shortages in order to starve its opponents to death: 

After that, be looking for a food shortage – another crisis you can rest assured Obama won’t let go to waste. What happens when the government steps in to “rescue” the food industry? I would suggest you ask the survivors of such occurrences in Russia and Germany, but most all of them aren’t around, of course. They were starved to death.

In World War II, we faced the National Socialist Party in Germany. Now we face it at home.

Relatedly, Porter had Rick Scarborough of Vision America and Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel on her radio program yesterday to discuss preparations for the prayer rally.  During the discussion, Scarborough proclaimed that health care reform legislation was designed to create a literal army of brainwashed youth who would be unleashed upon the nation to physically enforce Obama’s agenda while Porter and Staver declared that America fully deserves God’s judgment and destruction, but there is a remnant who is maintaining the proper faith and can get God to save this nation, leading Staver to favorably recall the impact that 9/11 had in causing people to fall on their knees, cry out to God, and repent: