Matt Walsh Pretends to Be Virginian to Make Anti-Trans Speech at School Board Meeting      

Right-wing pundit Matt Walsh (Image from Facebook page promoting Sept. 28 protest of trans-inclusive school policies.)

Right-wing author and commentator Matt Walsh, host of a popular Daily Wire podcast, has reportedly leased property in Loudoun County, Virginia as a way to evade the school board’s adoption of meeting rules requiring that speakers be students, parents, residents or business owners in the county. Loudoun County’s school board has been a target of right-wing organizing and disruptions after the school board adopted transgender-inclusive policies and right-wing hysteria over critical race theory reached an all-time high.

Walsh has proclaimed on Facebook that he would lead a “Protect Your Kids” rally outside the school board meeting today. Walsh’s Facebook post declared:

The Loudoun County school board in VA has imposed a radical trans policy allowing males access to girl’s restrooms and teams. Teachers are required to use preferred pronouns. To protest this madness, I’ll be leading a rally outside the school board meeting on September 28. Join us! The time for sitting on the sidelines is over. Schools that harm children must be confronted. We must speak up against this indoctrination loudly and in person. I have a large platform and intend to use it to help mobilize these efforts. The child abusers will hear from us.

The Daily Wire, which is based in Nashville, Tennesse, reported Saturday that Walsh plans to speak at tonight’s school board meeting and “found a workaround by leasing a property in the area.” The Daily Wire noted that Walsh “went viral last month when he spoke out against radical COVID policies during a school board meeting in Tennessee.”

Walsh mocked the school board’s rules—and transgender people—tweeting Tuesday morning, “For too long, I have been a Virginian trapped in a Tennessean’s body. It feels so good to finally live my truth openly. I’m here, I’m Virginian, and I’m proud.”