Matt Barber: The Arbiter of All That Is Right

As I was going through my RSS reader today, I saw a headline from a OneNewsNow article on Will Phillips, the 10 year old boy in Arkansas who says he cannot pledge allegiance to the United States while it continues to deny equality to the LGBT community, and thought to myself “I’ll bet that article quotes Matt Barber.”

And sure enough, it does:

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel believes the boy has been “utterly manipulated and exploited by adult moral relativists who are indirectly using him and other children as political pawns in the burgeoning culture war that is reaching a boil.”

Barber further finds that “it’s really a testament to the level of success that liberal and secular and homosexual activist propagandists in Hollywood and in our public schools and in much of our elitist establishment organizations have enjoyed.”

The lesson this incident sends, according to Barber, is that it is time for parents to responsibly teach their children the correct, Christian message concerning homosexuality.

So not only has Barber taken it upon himself to determine who is and who is not a real Christian, he’s also the one who decides just what constitutes proper parenting.