Matt Barber Cites Hoax News Story To Link LGBTQ Activists To Pedophilia

Matt Barber, an anti-LGBTQ Religious Right activist who frequent guest host on American Family Radio, linked Hollywood pedophilia rumors to LGBTQ activism and cited a fake news story to make his argument.

While sitting in for Sandy Rios this morning, Barber dedicated the first segment of the show to actor Cory Feldman’s allegations of widespread sexual child abuse in the entertainment industry. Barber went on to use the story as a springboard to attack LGBTQ activists.

“We often talk about a slippery slope. We’re reaching the bottom of the slippery slope. This is what the sexual revolution hath wrought. This is what the LGBT extremist agenda of sexual anarchy, frankly—certainly sexual relativism, moral relativism. This is what we have arrived at here in the United States of America,” Barber said.

Barber then cited a hoax news story from a serial fake news site that falsely claimed the European Union was considering a vote to lower the age of sexual consent to 13 years old, quoting nonexistent politicians. The EU is not actually considering lowering the age of sexual consent.

But that didn’t stop Barber.

“Some people want to see the age of consent wiped out together and many of these individuals are in the homosexual activist community,” Barber said.