Mat Staver’s Anti-Gay Exhibition

In Alabama, a school district has reversed itself and decided that it won’t bar Cynthia Stewart from bringing her girlfriend to the prom after the school’s principal initially said the couple wouldn’t be permitted to attend.

Stewart sought the assistance of the ACLU in getting the initial decision reversed – and it is pretty clear that Mat Staver really does not like the ACLU … or gays … and he really, really hates it when the ACLU gets involved in trying to help gays:

According to Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, the case is typical of the ACLU in that “anything that is anti-moral, anti-religious liberty, and anti-freedom, you can always find them on the other side.”

“Here they are again: They’re supporting lesbianism in a school situation where…the school does not want to promote lesbianism,” the attorney explains. “The prom is [designed] for young men and young women to come and celebrate — it’s not [intended] for an exhibition of lesbianism; and the school simply has said [it’s] not going to allow lesbianism in the prom.”

Staver warns against giving in to the ACLU’s demands. “The ACLU would essentially undermine all the core values that made America great,” he remarks, “and they would use these radical agendas of homosexuality, abortion, and other kinds of anti-faith and [anti-]family policies to literally undo America.”

Staver believes the school has the right to set boundaries on the prom, as it is not intended to shine a spotlight on lesbianism.

Why is it that every time a gay person is being discriminated against and fights back in the name of equality, people like Staver see it as an attempt to “promote lesbianism”?  Apparently, in Staver’s warped view, anything and everything a gay person does is an “exhibition” of their sexual orientation.

And finally, given the way Staver worded his attack on the ACLU, he is actually saying that the organization is always “on the other side” of everything that is “anti-moral, anti-religious liberty, and anti-freedom” … and given that it is Staver’s Liberty Counsel that is usually on the “other side” of the ACLU on issues, then it must be LC that is siding with those promoting an “anti-moral, anti-religious liberty, and anti-freedom” agenda.