Mat Staver: Right Wing Watch ‘Is Just A Bunch Of Fake News’

On yesterday’s “Faith and Freedom” radio broadcast, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver once again accused Right Wing Watch of spreading “fake news.” While praising President-elect Donald Trump for attacking CNN during his press conference last week, Staver and co-host Matt Barber noted that they too have been victims of “fake news” spread by us at Right Wing Watch.

“You mentioned Right Wing Watch,” Staver said. “I was again talking to people who were with us on a Covenant Journey trip [to Israel] and these are very bright college students; they know how to read more than just a title and so when they read Right Wing Watch, they can see this is just a bunch of fake news. Because you look at the title, then you read the body, it’s completely different, it’s 180 degrees different. You know, Right Wing Watch will say that I supported the death penalty for homosexuals. I’ve never done that!”

Barber agreed, asserting that “when you read the facts and read what you actually said, no person in their right mind could draw the conclusion that you said what their directly accused you of in the title. That’s Right Wing Watch’s M.O.”

CNN, NBC, Media Matters and BuzzFeed are all guilty of spreading fake news, Staver and Barber declared, which is why it is so refreshing to see Trump stand up to them and call them out for their lies.

The irony here, of course, is that the only ones spreading “fake news” are Staver and Barber, as we have never said that they support imposing the death penalty for homosexuality.