MassResistance’s Scott Lively Write-In Campaign Falls Flat

Last month we noted that MassResistance was unhappy with Charlie Baker, the candidate expected to win the Republican primary for Governor in Massachusetts, so they launched a write-in campaign for Scott Lively, creating a situation where one SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group was trying to get the head of another SPLC-certified anti-gay hate elected governor.

So how did that effort turn out?  According to an email update from MassResistance, they did not have much success:

It was a spirited try, but unfortunately never got the necessary momentum or publicity.

Although Jim McKenna was an overwhelming success as a write-in candidate to get on the ballot for Attorney General in the Sept. 14 Massachusetts Republican Primary, the other pro-family candidates fell seriously short …

Republican Primary Totals – Statewide

SCOTT LIVELY (write-in) 1,021
TIMOTHY CAHILL (write-in) 448

MassResistance goes on to allege that Lively received more votes than listed on the official totals, but that local election officials refused to count them:  

For example, in Newton the election officials have declared that Scott Lively received no write-in votes. However, we contacted seven Newton voters who said they definitely wrote-in Scott Lively on the ballot. (We’re going to investigate this some more.) It’s not a huge amount, but it really makes you wonder about the accuracy of the whole system. In addition, the Newton officials were pretty condescending about the our concerns.

If these seven votes had been counted, Lively’s percentage of the overall vote total would have increased from .471% to .474%, so I can’t imagine why election officials in Newton could have been so condescending about MassResistance’s concerns.