Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls LGBTQ Movement ‘Predatorial,’ Promises Alex Jones Legislation 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on “InfoWars” on Feb. 20, 2022.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined radical conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his “InfoWars” show Wednesday, declaring that the LGBTQ movement is “predatorial,” while simultaneously insisting that she is not homophobic. By the end of the segment, she promised Jones that she would introduce federal legislation like Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill to eliminate federal funding for any school that is “indoctrinating children.” 

Greene has made bigotry a focal point of her politics. During another appearance on “InfoWars” in February, Greene called for an act of violence against trans people, Media Matters reported. Two days after that appearance, she spoke at a white nationalist conference, warmly greeting white nationalist Nick Fuentes before attacking trans people in her speech. Over the weekend, the far-right congresswoman made headlines again when she attacked Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg during a Georgia gubernatorial campaign rally for David Perdue, telling the crowd that Buttigieg “and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathrooms.” 

Greene’s latest comments highlight how the right has revamped troubling false narratives about gay men being predators and pedophiles and applied them broadly to the LGBTQ movement. Both Jones and Greene also returned to another false narrative: that by exposing people to LGBTQ issues, kids could essentially “catch” being gay or trans.

Jones began the segment by playing a video clip of a teacher in Florida talking about not wanting to lie to his students about being gay and another of Disney creatives talking about greater LGBTQ representation in film. Greene called such displays of LGBTQ identity a “radical sexualization of children.”

“Every single person needs to be all hands on deck and protecting our children and stopping this radical sexualization of children. They’re basically exploiting them, brainwashing them, indoctrinating them,” Greene claimed. 

“Imagine if we’re at the park, and we’re cooking hamburgers, and some dude walks over and asks your kids, ‘Hey, can I talk about your kids about sex?’” Jones said. “You’d call the police, but now they want to do it in the schools and confuse our little 5-year-old and 6-year-old children. This is ridiculous! This is unbelieve—And then we see the footage even here in Austin of elementary school kids being paraded around like trophies and drag queens—big fat men in clown suits—rubbing all over them and hugging them. I mean this is crazy!”

“This is outrageous,” Greene replied. “We need to be willing to stop it. They have an agenda. And the agenda is very clear: It’s to sexualize children, and it’s to confuse them and make them think they can choose their gender, which absolutely they cannot. And I will stand on God’s truth every single time, there are two genders—male or female. … It’s in the Bible. It’s in Genesis.”

Greene went on to double down on her comments about Pete Buttigieg’s husband, suggesting he was exhibiting predatory behavior for expressing LGBTQ pride.

“The whole idea that teachers, teacher unions, radical activists that are on to this horrible agenda where they want to indoctrinate, sexualize children, confuse them, think they can change their gender or encourage them like Pete Buttigegs’ husband did—I saw him on video among children and he had them say the pledge to the pride flag or something,” she said. “It shouldn’t be pledging allegiance to some sort of movement or sexualization of children. So all of them need to leave kids alone. And there’s nothing wrong with being against this.”

“The left and all this LGBTP is a sex cult!” Jones declared.

“This is predatorial,” Greene declared. “Anyone who is against stopping this and is saying, ‘No, they should be allowed to indoctrinate children into wrong sexual immorality,’ you know what that means: that they are pro predatorial behavior.”

“These are predators, these are absolutely child predators,” Greene said. “Not only are we talking about pedophiles, but were talking about anyone who is willing to coerce a child, indoctrinate a child about sex, about themselves and their own body—that is indoctrination, that his predatory behavior and it must to be stopped at all means necessary.”

“We’re not hateful, we’re not homophobic,” Greene added.

“But we are pedo-phobic,” Jones replied.

When asked what could be done, Greene called for legislation. “There should be no federal funding for any school, any school anywhere that is indoctrinating children, that is teaching them to change their gender, that is teaching them anything sick and disgusting like this.”

“So are you going to write a bill or introduce a bill,” Jones asked, “to pull federal funding out of any school that sexualizes children?”

“Absolutely, 100 percent,” Greene said. “I will meet with my team right after this interview and we will get to work on it.”