Marjorie Dannenfelser: Trump Is ‘The Most Pro-Life President That We Have Had’

When President Trump delivered a video address to the March for Life last week, the White House and its allies repeatedly claimed that Trump has done so much to curtail abortion rights that he has already become the “most pro-life president” in the history of the United States.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the influential anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony List, got on board with that message in an interview with Ave Maria Radio after Friday’s march, where she told host Tom Nash that Trump “has completely delivered for the pro-life movement.”

“We got a core group of four commitments from the president,” she said, “and along with the Senate and the House, we’ve made—he has made major strides in those directions, when it comes to Planned Parenthood, working on getting the Hyde Amendment to be made permanent, Mexico City Policy, dealing with foreign aid dollars.”

But, she said, “the most important thing is judges, and the Supreme Court, with Neil Gorsuch. Of course, we’re in the middle of a lot of other confirmations at all other levels of the court.”

“So I give him an absolute A grade, and I would go even further and say that he has acted as the most pro-life president that we have had,” she said.