Mario Murillo Says God Is Calling Right-Wing Christians to Mobilize Politically and ‘Terrify National Democrat Leaders’

In a sermon posted recently on the Destiny Image YouTube channel, Trump-supporting evangelist Mario Murillo declared that God is calling right-wing prophetic Christians to mobilize politically and “terrify national Democrat leaders.”

The video provides no information regarding where or when the sermon was delivered, but the stage appears to match the one at dominionist pastor Ché Ahn’s Harvest International Ministry in Pasadena, California, where Murillo recently spoke at a conference.

Murillo said that God is calling conservative Christians to engage in “political and moral action” and “to organize, educate ourselves on how to terrify national Democrat leaders, how to win local elections, and train our people to know why they believe what they believe and to believe it with conviction.”

“This means that the pulpit must take on abortion, gay marriage, transgender indoctrination of our children, and yes, racism,” Murillo said. “Because if we really want to get rid of racism, we’re not going to allow this artificial equality because that in itself is nothing but the plantation owner trying to lure you back and tell you that, ‘I’m going to take care of you if you just come back and start to be a servant of me.’ The party that invented the Ku Klux Klan, the party that fought the civil rights movement is the Democrat Party.”

“The Lord wants the prophetic movement to take its stand in the arena, to barge open the doors of influence and say, ‘We belong here. Mayor, we belong here. Governor, we belong here. Congressman, we belong here. If you’re going to try to legislate immorality, we’re going to fight you with every last drop of the anointing of Almighty God,'” Murillo proclaimed.