Maria Espinoza: Activists Should Find ‘Loophole’ To Remove Congress Members Who Support ‘Amnesty’

Maria Espinoza, the national director for the Remembrance Project, addresses supporters in a video uploaded to YouTube. (Screenshot /

Maria Espinoza, the national director of the Remembrance Project, said that people outraged at members of Congress who support creating a path to citizenship or other rights for undocumented immigrants in the United States should seek out “a little loophole” to remove those officials from public office before the next election.

On Thursday’s episode of “Secure Freedom Radio” with guest host Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy, Espinoza praised President Trump’s remarks about the MS-13 gang during the State of the Union address, saying that it was exciting that Trump’s mention of the gang sparked public conversation, which she hoped would translate into activism.

“Just the fact that we are talking about that is huge, but now we have to have the public turn that corner where they actually want to do something about it. And I think there is a groundswell of good Americans who want laws, who don’t want this nation to be a lawless nation,” Espinoza said.

She went on to chide members of Congress who have supported a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and other pro-immigrant policies, claiming that Democrats advocate “amnesty” in order to secure a “voting block” and that Republicans support these policies for “campaign funds.”

“We the people have that powerful vote and we can force these individuals to legislate the way we want or we have to kick them out. Unfortunately, some we have to wait a couple years to get them out of office. But I think we need to find a little loophole that is there that we can use to get them out sooner if they’re not doing their job, just like anyone else would be removed from their position by their employer if they weren’t doing the job they were supposed to do,” Espinoza said.