Manhattan Declaration: A Call To Christian Civil Disobedience

If you thought the Manhattan Declaration was mainly an opportunity for the Religious Right to declare themselves heroes of the Christian faith … well, you were correct.  But that doesn’t mean that organizers were not entirely serious about their pledge to be ready to give their lives to fight Obama’s looming Nazi-like dictatorship.

That is a point that Manhattan Declaration founders Chuck Colson and Timothy George make in his new video, as George compares those who sign this document to both Martin Luther and Martin Luther King while Colson begs people to “understand the severity of the threats to our first freedom” which are coming from all sides and “realize the kind of fight we’re in and be prepared for what we may face in the coming months”:

Here is the video from a few weeks ago that Colson references in this new video, in which he takes up the claim which we addressed yesterday that the Obama administration is systematically out to destroy “freedom of religion” in order to promote the gay agenda and destroy Christianity: