Malkin: Mexican-Americans Have “No Appreciation For This Country”

Michelle Malkin, a frequent guest on Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” told host Bill O’Reilly last night that Mexican-Americans and immigrants in the Los Angeles area were unlike Cuban-Americans and immigrants in the Miami area because they have “no appreciation for this country” and could not assimilate. Furthermore, Malkin asserted that millions of immigrants from Mexico, in addition to the Mexican government itself, are actively plotting a militant takeover of the American Southwest.

[O'Reilly and Malkin]

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O’REILLY: So I know that there’s an undercurrent of militancy that says hey, this is our territory. You stole it from us in the Mexican-American War. We’re going to take it back now by illegal immigration. But I think that’s a fringe nutty group, not the mass of millions that we have.

MALKIN: Well, I guess I disagree with you there, Bill, because I mean, we saw in April and May of this year that supposed fringe come out into the mainstream. And it wasn’t just a dozen folks who are ensconced in the ivory tower who believe that the southwest is “Aztlan” and it belongs to them. You had people from Wisconsin, to Phoenix, to California, to Seattle carrying those signs saying that by sheer demographic force, they have reclaimed Los Angeles. They reclaim Phoenix.

O’REILLY: So you agree with Buchanan, then. You think that this massive immigration to the United States, 15 million strong, is a part of a plan to bring back territory to Mexico?

MALKIN: Well, I take the Mexican government at its word when it says that is exactly its plan. If you look at the Mexican consulate that are active, political lobbyists who have entrenched themselves in the American mainstream, and who have succeeded in blurring the lines between illegal and legal immigration, yes, there’s a plan.