Major Trump Ally Michael Savage ‘Can’t Take Any More of This Trump Business’

Michael Savage and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House (Official White House photo via Twitter)

Michael Savage, a conspiracy theorist talk radio host, said on his podcast yesterday that he is tired of talking about President Trump and that he is frustrated with Trump’s inconsistencies.

Savage said, gradually working himself into a shout, “I don’t care anymore. Leave me alone. Can’t the election be held tomorrow? Do I have to go through this dog and pony show for the next year and a half? He’s up. He’s down. Is he going to win? Is he not going to win? He this, he that—he’s not Jesus! He’s only a man! He is not the salvation of humanity, nor is he the devil of humanity! He’s only a man! Leave me alone already with him! I can’t take any more of this Trump business!”

He added, “Is that the only thing on the planet? What he did, what he didn’t do, what he said, did they look at him this way, did they look at him that way, was he too much, did he not enough? I don’t care anymore! Just a politician, that’s all—another one, another one in a long line.”

Savage said that he would still vote for Trump despite his cynicism because he dislikes Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who he believes will be the eventual Democratic Party nominee for president, so much. Then, he told callers who wanted to tell him that they supported Trump not to call him.

“If you’re going to call and tell me that you believe in Trump, please, I don’t want to hear it. How’s that? I don’t think [Trump] believes in Trump, because I don’t know which Trump it’s going to be one day to the next. On Saturday, he says ‘this’ about China. On Sunday, he says ‘that’ about China. On Monday, his handler says he really meant ‘this’ about China. So, which one did you believe in?”

Savage has grown increasingly critical of the president in recent months. Last week, Savage said he disliked Trump’s appearance of souring on Fox News Channel and lambasted the Trump administration for not offering up officials to appear on his program.