MAGA Cultist Troll Brenden Dilley Vows To Lie, Cheat, And Steal If It Helps Trump

MAGA activists have been attacking President Joe Biden by producing and spreading fake, deceptively edited, and misleading videos in an effort to undermine his reelection. And, according to pro-Trump broadcaster Brenden Dilley, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Dilley is a overtly racist, unapologetically misogynistic, and gleefully amoral Trump cultist who has established close ties not only to the Trump campaign, but to the former president himself, thanks to the role he plays in leading a “troll army” that relentlessly promotes Trump and attacks his enemies on social media.

The “Dilley Meme Team” has been responsible for the “God Made Trump” video that went viral earlier this year, the “Unified Reich” video that generated widespread outrage last month, and as a series of virulently sexist attacks on former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during the Republican primary.

Dilley has, in the past, openly stated that he doesn’t “give a fuck about being factual” and will “make shit up” if doing so furthers Trump’s political agenda, and that attitude is still motivating Dilley’s efforts, as he made clear during a recent broadcast.

“There’s nothing I won’t fucking do or say,” Dilley declared. “Nothing! It’s war. I view you as a fucking enemy of the country. I will do anything necessary.”

“Republicans don’t give a fuck if you think we’re good people anymore,” he continued. “We don’t care. You don’t think we’re gonna fuck you square in the ass every chance we get after what you’ve done to this country, after you stole a fucking election? Fuck you. Call me an immoral godless scumbag, I don’t care, motherfucker. Call me a criminal. Call me a liar. I don’t give a fuck.”

“You can save the moral high ground virtue signaling bullshit for a Republican that’s still stupid enough to play those fucking games, but it ain’t me, dude,” Dilley added.

“Fucking print that shit, bitch; ‘Dilley Goes On Show, Says He Will Lie, Cheat, Fucking Steal,” Dilley concluded. “I don’t even have shame in telling you that. I know what my role is. I know what my purpose is. I will let my creator dictate and decide and judge me when I get there. Until then, fuck you.”

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