Losing The Popular Vote Is Driving Trump Supporters To Absurd Arguments

The fact that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election despite winning the popular vote by over 2 million votes has forced Donald Trump and his Religious Right supporters to come up with some absurd arguments about how Trump supposedly carried the day in “most” of the country if we just ignore the actual popular vote tally and measure the election results differently.

On his “Faith and Freedom” radio program today, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver insisted that Trump swept the election, provided that we simply look at the number of counties that he won compared to Clinton.

“There’s 3,143 counties in the entire United States,” he said. “Of those, less than 100—I think it’s actually less than 50—went for Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

That statistic is not only irrelevant, it’s also untrue. But Staver nonetheless insisted that “it really shows you [how] some of these urban population areas … actually tilt the entire state to a direction that is contrary to the rest of the state’s values.”

Gee, do you mean that small areas with large populations of Democratic-leaning voters are having a bigger impact on elections than large areas with smaller populations of Republican voters? How unfair!