Liz Crokin: The ‘Me Too’ Movement Was Designed To Distract From Hollywood’s Rampant Cannibalistic Satanic Pedophilia

Last night, right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared once again on “The Richie Allen Show,” where she asserted that the anti-sexual harassment “Time’s Up” and “Me Too” movements were created to distract from the cannibalistic satanic pedophilia that is rampant in Hollywood.

“Let’s look at the whole ‘Me Too” movement and let’s look at the ‘Time’s Up’ movement,” she said. “Who was kind of driving that campaign? It was CAA [Creative Artists Agency]. I’m sure you are familiar with CAA, that is the biggest talent agency in Hollywood, powerful, run by Illuminati scum.”

“You have CAA, this horrific, evil company that was driving this campaign,” Crokin continued. “They are actually trying to distract from the bigger picture and the bigger picture is that these elites are involved in raping little kids, eating babies, drinking blood, sacrificing and that kind of stuff. So they are using the ‘Time’s Up’ and the ‘Me Too’ movement as a distraction.”

“Don’t tell me that all of a sudden CAA cares about sexual assault,” she added. “My ass. They are just trying to distract from what’s deeper down the rabbit hole and what’s deeper down the rabbit hole is what they do to children, it’s the spirit cooking, it’s the sacrificing, it’s these sick, crazy, twisted rituals they do, it’s the witchcraft, it’s the occult, and that’s what they’re trying to distract from.”

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