Liz Crokin Says Sean Hannity Is ‘Doing As Much As He Can’ To Expose ‘The Storm’

Liz Crokin, a pedophilia-obsessed crackpot conspiracy theorist, told viewers of the “SGT Report” that she had “inside information” that Fox News host Sean Hannity has attempted to cover the conspiracy theory known as “The Storm” as much as he can without losing his job.

In an interview uploaded on December 28, Crokin appeared on the SGT Report to discuss the latest developments in “The Storm” conspiracy theory, which asserts that a high-ranking official close to President Trump—or perhaps Trump himself—is leaking information to the anonymous forum board 8chan under the pseudonym “QAnon” and is revealing clues that prove the investigation in suspected Russian interference in the 2016 election is actually a front for a secret effort to prosecute a global pedophile ring that involves thousands of powerful politicians and celebrities.

Crokin claimed that the information was being slowly leaked by “QAnon” so “people don’t freak out” when the news finally breaks and that there is work taking place behind the scenes to inform the public of the impending mass arrests without causing “mass hysteria.” Part of that effort, she implicated, involves Hannity.

“I have a lot of inside information about Sean and Tucker [Carlson] and you know some people are like, ‘Why doesn’t Sean talk about this and he doesn’t talk about pedogate and X, Y and Z?’ Sean has risked his life every single day to expose as much as he can. The man has—I’m shocked he’s still alive. I mean, it’s unbelievable he’s still alive.  He has risked his life to expose what he has exposed that no one else in the mainstream media is exposing,” Crokin said. “He almost lost his entire job for just mentioning, I think twice, Seth Rich’s murder.”

Crokin explained that people like Hannity and Carlson would be “immediately fired” if they spent airtime discussing the same pedophilia-obsessed conspiracy theories she does, but said that Hannity has secretly arranged to “bump into” sources “the deep state didn’t approve” while broadcasting live.

“Let me tell you, Sean is—man, that guy has got balls. There have been things that he has been told that he’s not allowed to cover, or there’s been people he’s been told he’s not allowed to interview, and Sean has conveniently, you know, when he’s been, let’s say, live in the field reporting, happened to ‘bump into’ certain people that he wasn’t supposed to interview because the deep state didn’t approve and he still did it.”

Crokin continued, “That man is a hero and he’s got balls and he’s doing as much as he can with the platform he has.”