Liz Crokin: Megyn Kelly Is Not As Beautiful As She Once Was Because She ‘Sold Her Soul To The Devil’

Right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin made another appearance on the program hosted by one-time “Survivor” contestant Anna Khait yesterday, where she declared that Megyn Kelly is no longer as beautiful as she once was because she sold her soul to the devil.

In the program, which was once again streamed on Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page, Khait and Crokin asserted that anyone who dares to criticize President Trump will be taken down by God, with Crokin citing Kelly as “probably the best example” of this.

Crokin said that she attended the Republican primary debate at which Kelly grilled Trump about his history of sexist attacks on women and was initially “blown away” because “she just radiated this beauty and charm.” But after Kelly “messed with President Trump,” Crokin said, “her career has just completely been derailed” and she has lost that beauty.

Crokin said that while Kelly had once been “so striking and beautiful in person,” she “doesn’t appear as beautiful to me anymore” because she sold her soul to the devil.

“She used to have this glow about her,” Crokin said, “and I believe she sold her soul to the devil … I believe she sold her soul to the devil and it’s like she doesn’t have that same glow about her, she doesn’t look as attractive as she used to look. And I believe that when people reveal their truth, it manifests physically.”