Liz Crokin: Groups Combating Human Trafficking Are ‘Actually Fronts To Traffic Kids’

Right-wing “journalist” and fringe conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin posted a video on YouTube yesterday in which she warned that organizations created to fight child trafficking are “actually fronts to traffic kids.”

Citing a recent QAnon post in which the phone number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline was posted with the text “THE CLINTON FOUNDATION,” Crokin “decoded” that QAnon was trying to say that organizations created to combat child trafficking are really just front operations so that when calls are placed to report children in danger, they can be intercepted.

“The reason why Q, I believe, posted this—it’s pretty obvious to me—is that the Clinton Foundation has been involved in child sex trafficking for a very long time,” Crokin said. “It’s a front for child sex trafficking, but the Clinton Foundation clearly works in tandem with the organization that is associated with the human trafficking hotline. I believe what Q was trying to tell us is that that human trafficking hotline probably is used to intercept children that are crying out for help.”

“Unfortunately,” Crokin added, “a lot of these organizations that have been developed in our government, such as the Amber Alert, and the National Center of Missing Children, the foster care system, CPS, most of these government institutions that are supposed to save kids from pedophiles and save kids from child sex trafficking and are supposed to help kids that are at risk and are being abused and end up in these child sex trafficking rings, they’re actually fronts to traffic kids.”

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