Lisa Miller Has Been Missing For Months

As we noted earlier this week, Lisa Miller has been missing for more than three weeks after having disappeared with her daughter rather than hand over custody to her former partner.  But according to this ABC News article , Miller has apparently been missing since September:

Neighbors of Miller’s last known residence, in Forest, Va., told sheriff’s deputies the mother and daughter left last September and haven’t been seen since.

“Honestly, I think the church is involved in hiding her,” said Jenkins.

Miller’s legal team, Liberty Counsel, deny knowing Miller and Isabella’s whereabouts and refused a request for an interview.

Jenkins said she’s concerned about Miller’s mental state.

“I think she’s dangerous, and I think she’s very vulnerable and I think she’s capable of anything,” said Jenkins. “I think she’s very desperate. I think the people and the places that she is exposing herself to and my child to — our child to — it’s just frightening for me to even think about.”

Jenkins said she also fears for the child.

“I can’t even imagine what life is like for her right now,” Jenkins said. “Not knowing where she is, not knowing if she’s got any — I know how important structure is for children. I work with children and I know how important the structure is. Well, honestly I don’t know what her life is like right now. …I know the last few times I had her, it sounded like her world was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. … Church and Lisa.”

I can’t say that I am surprised that Liberty Counsel is still refusing to comment, given that it is feverishly trying to wash its hands of Miller.

“Nightline” will be running a segment on this case on tonight’s program.