Liberty Counsel Willing To Stand With Rekers

Last week, Family Research Council co-founder George Rekers was discovered returning from an overseas trip with a “rent boy.”

Since then, FRC has issued a statement distancing itself from Rekers, saying it had had no contact with him in over a decade, he’s resigned from the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, been scrubbed from the University of South Carolina medical school’s website, and announced that he is undergoing spiritual therapy so that he can “can more fully understand my weaknesses” … all while threatening to sue anyone who says he is gay.

What kind of law firm would be willing to represet Rekers in such a suit, you ask?

The Jerry Falwell-founded kind, of course: 

A leading religious legal defense group said it is standing with George A. Rekers, the conservative expert on gay behavior who has seen his career implode amid media reports that he took a young gay travel companion to Europe with him.

Officials at the Liberty Counsel said Wednesday they would back Mr. Rekers if he followed through on his threat this week to sue media outlets and others for trying to discredit him.

“I think [Mr. Rekers] would have a great case to file a defamation action,” said Mathew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel said.

“I think it was a completely arranged setup,” he said, referring to the presence of writers of the free weekly Miami New Times at Miami International Airport when Mr. Rekers and his hired travel companion arrived in the United States April 13.

I can’t even say this is surprising, as Liberty Counsel easily ranks among the most viciously anti-gay organizations operating today.