Liberty Counsel Under Attack From “Kaganites” Clones!

Of all the fear-mongering fundraising efforts I have seen from the Religious Right during Elena Kagan’s confirmation process, this new email from the Liberty Counsel has got to be among the most absurd.

It starts off like any typical right-wing pitch:

We believe that Elena Kagan is a dangerous, radical activist whose ideologies run counter to virtually everything we hold dear as advocates of pro-family, pro-life and pro-faith values … [T]here can be no doubt that, if confirmed, she would “Kaganize” the High Court by giving place to her political activism. Even worse, she would implement Barack Obama’s dangerous socialist ideologies into law long after he is out of office.

But from there it goes completely off the rails, claiming that the organization needs donations because its budget and resources have been stretched thin not just from fighting the Kagan nomination, but because they have also been forced to fight a veritable army of “Kaganites” who are on a mission to destroy this nation:

Our litigation team has encountered Kagan’s former students and colleagues, many of whom now work for the ACLU and other leftist organizations. I frequently come face to face with activists like Elena Kagan in courtrooms and in the media.

We have learned over the years that activists with Kagan’s ideology fully intend to destroy the foundations of American faith, family and freedom.

We see firsthand the devastation these “Kaganites” cause in the lives of God-fearing citizens who love the principles upon which this nation was founded and want to lead honest, peaceable lives in a free nation.

Make no mistake, an intentional and strategic assault on our nation’s core values of life, liberty and family has been underway for many years now. Today, the assault is being lead by the Obama Administration, its leftist allies, and thousands of radical activists like Elena Kagan. Sadly, many are Kagan’s students and protégés who now hold office in our federal government.

Poor Liberty Counsel, all they want is to live honest, peaceable lives … but they can’t because they are constantly under attack by Elena Kagan clones.

Maybe after Janet Porter gets her anti-abortion movie made, she can get to work on turning LC’s horror story into her next screenplay.