Liberty Counsel: Satan Plants The Seed Of Homosexuality

Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen appeared on Faith & Freedom today with Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver to discuss her book, “Only One Mommy,” about her former client Lisa Miller. Miller kidnapped her daughter after losing custody to her former partner, Janet Jenkins, and fled the country to Central America.

In the book, Lindevaldsen claims that people become gay as a result of sexual abuse and a dysfunctional home life. She expanded on her claim while talking to Staver, saying that Miller was nudged into becoming a lesbian by her therapist, and that Satan actually planted “the seed of just intrigue in something new” that made Miller become a lesbian.


Staver: Now Lisa didn’t grow up thinking that she was attracted to women, how did that come about in her life where that ultimately was a transition point where she ended up in a same-sex relationship with another woman?

Lindevaldsen: A counselor in the hospital suggested to her that perhaps she should try a relationship with a woman because relationship with men hadn’t been working for her. She had a coworker at that time that was also involved in same-sex relationship so it was something that intrigued her and she followed up on that, and because of that counselor, found herself in same-sex relationship and ultimately with Janet Jenkins.

Staver: So up until the time that she went to this counselor for some of the other issues she was dealing with at the time of her relationship that failed with her husband, she had not been dating other women, she had not experienced attractions to other women, she was not thinking that she was a lesbian, but the counselor actually, essentially said, this relationship with guys, at least this man that you were with, husband, didn’tt work out so well so why don’t you experiment in other ways, with other women? And that’s the first time she began to think about a relationship with another woman.

Lindevaldsen: Absolutely. At the same time Satan had use someone else in her life, a coworker, to plant the seed of just intrigue in something new. She had a friend that was talking about her same-sex relationship, again Lisa wasn’t considering it, wasn’t exploring it, but that coupled with the tragedy in her life, coupled with a counselor saying ‘this might be good for you,’ led her to give this a try.