Liberty Counsel Remains Silent on Lisa Miller’s Disappearance

It has now been nearly a week since Lisa Miller disappeared with her daughter Isabella rather than abide by a court-order transferring custody to her former partner and still her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel remain silent.

You’d think that if your star client went AWOL with her child in violation of the law, you might have some comment to make about it.  But apparently that is not the case with Liberty Counsel, though they do have plenty to say about health care reform, judging by two press releases they have issued so far this week.  

Since Mat Staver and everyone else at Liberty Counsel are obviously back from vacation and presumably available for comment, maybe some reporter ought to call them up and find out what they have to say about Lisa Miller’s disappearance … especially since the longer she is missing, the more trouble she will find herself in:

A court order filed Monday in Bedford County requires that a 7-year-old girl at the center of a custody battle involving a Forest woman be surrendered to the woman’s former lesbian partner in Vermont.

Rebecca Glenburg, the Virginia American Civil Liberties Union attorney for Janet Jenkins, confirmed that the Bedford Juvenile and Domestic Relations court filed the order. She said it ensures that the Vermont court order requiring Lisa Miller to surrender the couple’s daughter, Isabella Miller-Jenkins, is enforceable in Virginia.

“We expect Virginia law enforcement to take whatever actions they can to locate the child and make sure the custody order is complied with,” Glenberg said Wednesday.

Miller’s whereabouts are unknown and her lawyer, Mathew Staver, of Lynchburg-based Liberty Counsel, has been unavailable for comment on the case.

I’m pretty sure that if the roles were reversed and it was Jenkins who had disappeared with Isabella, Staver and everyone else at Liberty Counsel would have something to say about it.