Liberty Counsel: Re-Election of Obama put America on the ‘Road to Self-Destruction’

Just before the election, Liberty Counsel, like other conservative groups, was quite confident of President Obama’s defeat. In fact, LC deputy Matt Barber said that “the question now becomes whether Romney will win by a comfortable margin or a landslide,” ultimately predicting a landslide. During Faith & Freedom with LC chairman Mathew Staver, Barber continued to spin the results and said that Obama’s 332 electoral vote win represented merely a “razor thin margin.”

Staver, however, was much more downcast and repeated claims from his post-election statement that America is in moral disarray. He said voters “looked at evil and they adopted it” by supporting Obama and wondered, “have we actually lost America, has the American dream been dealt a devastating blow?” Staver reiterated a claim made by pastor John MacArthur that Democrats have based their platform on Romans 1 by supporting gay equality and abortion rights. “You really have a Romans 1 platform that is being adopted, that is the platform that Barack Obama promoted, that is the platform that he ran on, that is what he stands for, and people looked it that and they adopted it,” Staver said. “And when you adopt evil as your platform, you become evil, and you ultimately go down the road of self-destruction.”