Liberty Counsel Entirely Serious About Impeaching Obama

Last month, Liberty Counsel sent out an email calling for the impeachment of President Obama. Now, over the weekend, they sent out another email admitting that even though “Congress is unlikely to seriously look into the issue,” they are entirely serious and will continue to demand that Obama be removed from office:

[T]here is an unchecked arrogance, even a condescending, elitist mindset evident in the Obama White House. The President behaves as though he is somehow above the law!

This Administration seems to believe that the Constitution is pliable and subject to political expedience. They act  as though their insights are greater than our Founding Fathers and the statesmen who gave shape and content to the Constitution!

The Obama Administration presumes it is “bigger” than the presidency.

No man is bigger than the office he is elected to hold. Through carefully crafted checks and balances, our Founders made sure that no office holder would be more “empowered” than the Constitution allowed.

Barack Obama’s subversion of our Constitution must be stopped! Those colluding with him in Congress, the Administration, the federal bureaucracy, State offices, and any other position of public trust must also be held accountable.

Liberty Counsel is continuing to demand that elected officials (all of them!) live up to their Oaths of Office – or be FIRED, RECALLED, or IMPEACHED.