Liberty Counsel: Aggressive Gay Agenda Seeks To Push Children Into Gay Relationships

Rena Lindevaldsen was the guest again today on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program as she continues to promote her book about Lisa Miller, an “ex-gay” former client of Lindevaldsen’s who kidnapped her daughter and fled the country rather than allow her former partner to gain custody.

During the discussion, Mat Staver praised Lindevaldsen’s book for highlighting the aggressive nature of the gay agenda as the two warned that if it is not stopped, young children are going to be pushed into gay relationships:

Staver: I don’t think most people realize the aggressiveness and zero-sum game that really is part of the homosexual agenda. And it is very anti-liberty, very anti-religious, they literally would rather have you be shut down in your employment, in your business, in your licensing, in anything that you do if you do not accept the lifestyle. Just simply saying that you believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman is considered by some to be very hateful. It is incredible the extent to which there is an attempt to shut down and I think people need to be aware of the implications of the homosexual agenda.

Lindevaldsen: Yeah, and if you’re not aware of that, the two chapters detail specifics and with references of what’s taking place around the country, in our schools, and the agenda to get our kids. Because if they get the kids and get them on-board with the message that you’re born this way and you can’t change and this is normal, you’re going to change our future for the negative.

Staver: Well, especially when you have, say, boys that typically go through the development of maleness and they typically bond more with boys and not girls early on. And eventually, as they grow, they become attracted to the opposite sex. But during that time where they’re really bonding with each other and boys hanging around boys, if you now start to suggest to them that there’s some kind of sexual component or orientation to that, you can literally push them, as Lisa was pushed, into a homosexual relationship.

Lindevaldsen: And you deprive them of that necessary positive bonding experience with other boys at that age so you’ve done harm in two different ways by pushing them into a homosexual lifestyle.

Staver: And the same thing with girls. You see girls hugging, holding hands that boys won’t do, just as friends, nothing sexual about that. Now if you start to sexualize that and eroticize that , you can ultimately push them into a situation where they don’t want to be and should not be.