‘Let The Hammer Fall’: John Guandolo Urges Trump To Execute Brennan, Comey, McCabe, And Strzok For Treason

John Guandolo, the disgraced former FBI agent and right-wing conspiracy theorist who now trains law enforcement agencies around the country to identify seemingly anyone with dark skin and a beard as an Islamic terrorist, is calling on President Trump to “let the hammer fall” on former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, as well as former CIA director John Brennan, by charging them with treason and having them executed.

Guandolo appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday where he praised the firing of Strzok and stripping of Brennan of his security clearance, but insisted that harsher steps need to be taken.

“I think that the behavior of these two people—both Peter Strzok and John Brennan—is seditious and they should be charged with sedition,” Guandolo said. “I’m surprised that the president has really not let the hammer fall.”

“The FBI leadership; obviously, you’ve got the director, the deputy director, executive assistant director, and the assistant director for counterintelligence—Peter Strzok—who are absolutely on the take and they are ideologically aligned with the Marxist movement in the United States,” he added. “They do not understand the jihadi threat. I think it’s catastrophic failure and I really believe that these people, Andrew McCabe, Director Comey—when we can demonstrate Director Comey actually aided and abetted known jihadis, which we can—Peter Strzok, what he did, these people have got to go to jail.”

“I think charges of sedition and treason have to be on the table,” Guandolo declared. “And I think that if they’re convicted of sedition or treason, then they should have to pay the ultimate punishment. I think that until people like this are put in jail and, where appropriate, executed for these crimes against the United States, there’s no incentive for people still doing it, like John Brennan and others, to stop.”

Guandolo has previously called for those behind the special counsel investigation to be executed for treason, as well as members of the media.