Let the Finger Pointing Begin

John McCain and Sarah Palin haven’t even lost yet, but it looks like the blame game has already started, with Gary Bauer blaming the campaign for failing to make more of Barack Obama’s multitude of nefarious ties to America-haters and terrorists. That’s right, Bauer is mad they didn’t make it more of a focus in their campaign:

American Values president and McCain supporter Gary Bauer agrees with Palin that the McCain campaign should have made a concerted effort in the general election to highlight the Democratic nominee’s ties to his longtime mentor. Bauer says the McCain camp missed some opportunities while zeroing in on Obama’s associations with Wright and former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

“These associations would have explained to us the economic philosophy we’re now hearing from Senator Obama,” Bauer explains. “That is, William Ayers is a socialist. Pastor Wright is a black supremacist, but also a socialist.

“And so the fact that Barack Obama was comfortable spending time and being allies with those individuals makes a lot of sense when we realize now — from Barack Obama’s own words — that he believes in socialism.”

Bauer contends that the country is on the cusp of electing “the most radical candidate for president in American history.”

Considering that the Right is already plotting how to grab the reins of the GOP and make the “culture war” the centerpiece of their agenda moving forward, this sort of myopic focus suggests that we could be in for a long four years if Obama wins next week.