Lauren Southern Praises White-Only Ethnostate, Jokes That People Are Offended By Its Lack Of Crime

Lauren Southern is getting closer to releasing her pseudo-documentary about farmers murdered in South Africa that is aimed at inflaming fears that the country is in the beginning stages of a “genocide” against white citizens. Southern recently revealed that she had traveled to a “super right-wing ethnostate” while filming and was impressed by the tiny town’s low crime rate.

Southern partnered with South African white nationalist Simon Roche while making her film and interviewed members of extremist groups in the country such as Dan Roodt, who was once an official of a white separatist group. Roche has bragged to news outlets in South Africa about his success courting European and North American far-right figures like Southern. At this year’s American Renaissance conference, he told attendees that “whites can no longer justify using services and companies that fund our racial enemies.”

Earlier this month, Southern made an appearance on Andy “Warksi” Pires’ YouTube channel, which was once home to the right-wing “internet blood sports” fad, to promote her South Africa documentary. After recounting a gruesome scene she saw at the site of a farm murder, Southern asked Pires a question.

“Have you ever heard of a place called Orania?” Southern asked.

Orania is a town in South Africa’s Northern Cape that is populated exclusively by white Afrikaners carrying on the spirit of white minority rule during apartheid. For a certain faction in the alt-right, who have imagined the establishment of an ethnostate where white people can exist separate from society-at-large, Orania—with its small population of about 1,300 people—exists as a small-scale model of their whites-only vision.

“It’s probably one of the only places in the world where it’s a more Afrikaner community that’s only allowed white people there. It was the most bizarre place I have ever gone to in my entire life. I walked into the government office and the government office has a giant poster of Andrew Breitbart in it,” Southern said. “They’re like this super right-wing ethnostate.”

After continuing to remark about how weird the town was, Southern later sarcastically said that “the reason Orania is so controversial in the documentary is just because the facts about it are really upsetting.”

“I can’t even say it without knowing people are going to be offended, but they have a literally zero crime rate. I know that sounds horrible, but they do. They have a zero crime rate. It’s close to zero, other than a domestic here and there. Like, I spoke to them and I asked them multiple times—I went to the government and was like, ‘Are you serious? Tell me right now. You’re telling me you don’t have crime here.’ And they’re like, ‘No.’ And then I walk outside and everyone’s like, left the keys in their cars and everything, motorcycles, and I’m like—this is inherently offensive,” Southern said, sarcastically.

Southern then said she bought an Orania t-shirt and proceeded to show it on camera.