Larry Pratt: Obama Is ‘Really Hating’ The Second Amendment Because He Was A ‘Red-Diaper Baby’

Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt attacked President Obama for his position on gun reform on Saturday, declaring that Obama is “really hating” the Second Amendment because he is a “Marxist” and a “red-diaper baby.”

Pratt made the remarks during an interview with conservative author Cheryl Chumley, who was promoting her book “The Devil in DC” on his “Gun Owners News Hour” program.

“The Second Amendment, as you put in ‘The Devil in DC,’ tells the government that the people are armed,” Pratt said. “It’s kind of a flashing yellow light. Drive carefully, don’t forget the traffic laws here, because that is what the amendment is there for. Yet we have our president really hating it because he essentially has been a Marxist since probably he was a red-diaper baby. His momma being a Fidel Castro lover, I think the president is too.”

Earlier in the show, Pratt compared the Bundy ranch standoff in Nevada to the Boston Tea Party. “Our forefathers finally reached the point where they said, ‘Don’t do that anymore. We’re armed and we’ll take care of business if we have to,’” he said. “And that’s essentially what the folks in Bunkerville, Nevada were doing. They were saying, ‘We’ve lost our way. The Constitution is no longer the guide for you politicians, and we’re just not going to let you push this rancher around, and if you do we’re armed. You get the message?’”

Chumley agreed, saying that the Second Amendment tells the government, “We’re armed so be careful what it is that you’re going to try to do.”