Larry Klayman Wants Cohen Judge ‘Taken To The Guillotines’ …. Figuratively Speaking, Of Course

During a recent appearance on the “Operation Freedom” program, right-wing attorney and crackpot conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman told host Dave Janda that the judge overseeing the case stemming from the FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s home and office should be among “the first taken to the guillotines” when the revolution comes …. figuratively speaking, of course.

Klayman attacked judge Kimba Wood as a “joke” and a “hack” who has “had a number of illicit affairs, I think some of which while she was on the bench,” asserting that “she appreciates [porn actress] Stormy Daniels because she’s not that much different.”

“This is a complete hack Clinton judge,” Klayman said. “She wants to destroy the president and these hack judges, leftist judges that are on the bench right now, when the revolution happens—figuratively speaking—they should be the first taken to the guillotines.”