Larry Klayman: Clinton Was Creeped Out By Trump Because She Is A Lesbian

In her forthcoming book, Hillary Clinton reveals that her “skin crawled” when Donald Trump hovered behind her during a presidential debate and that she contemplated telling him to “back up, you creep.”

On his radio program this weekend, right-wing attorney Larry Klayman said that Clinton was probably creeped out by Trump because she is a lesbian.

“When you listen to her voice, because she did an audio version of this, you talk about creepy,” Klayman said. “She sounds like the Wicked Witch of the Left and this is why she wasn’t elected, because people just don’t like her. Frankly, she’s disgusting, she’s low-class and for her to say that a man made her feel creepy, well, maybe ask Huma Abedin the real story about why men don’t really relate to Hillary Clinton.”

Klayman, who has previously asserted that the fact that “Hillary is a lesbian” is “widely known,” said it was no surprise that Clinton was unnerved by Trump because she “relates very well to Huma Abedin, who she traveled around and had a separate cabin to sleep with during the campaign, but she has problems with men.”