Land Calls for Constitutional Amendent Instituting Retention Elections For SCOTUS, Federal Judges

In day two of James Dobson’s discussion with Richard Land on the state of America today that I mentioned earlier, Land let loose on the dangers of health care reform, guaranteeing that it’ll fill the lives of everyone with pain and misery:

Land: I’m absolutely confident in saying this: ninety-nine percent of the people who are hearing me right now over the radio, if Obamacare is not rescinded, you will live a shorter life and it’ll be more filled with pain and suffering before you die because they’re not going to give you hip transplants, they’re not going to give you knee transplants, and they’re not going to give you other treatments as you go into old age.

Eventually, the topic turned to the vote in Iowa which removed three state Supreme Court justices, prompting Land to announce his desire to see constitutional amendment passed that would institute this process nationwide:

Land: In Iowa they have what seems to me to be a very sensible law and I’m ready to start a discussion that we ought to have it at the federal level.

I’m ready to put an amendment to the Constitution that says that every six years, on a rotating basis, we’ll have three Supreme Court justices and they will be on the ballot nationwide, and you get to vote – I want to keep Justice Scalia or I don’t want to keep Justice Scalia.

And the same thing with federal district court judges – in the district where they serve, you get to vote whether you’re going to keep them or not.

Dobson: Well, to do that you’d have to have a constitutional amendment …

Land: Yes sir , I’m ready to start …

Dobson: I’ll go with you …

Land: Judges aren’t all that popular.