Lance Wallnau: The Religious Right Will ‘Close Ranks’ Around Trump In Response To Cohen Recording

Last week, Dallas-based right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page voicing his outrage in response to the news that President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had secretly recorded a conversation with Trump just before the 2016 election, reportedly discussing plans to pay off a former Playboy model who says she had an adulterous affair with Trump, a claim the president publicly denies.

Wallnau was outraged not about Trump’s adultery or his possibly illegal efforts to cover it up, but rather the fact that anyone in the media thinks that Trump’s die-hard evangelical base would care about such revelations.

Wallnau fumed that the raid on Cohen’s office and investigation into his dealings with Trump “is like putting thumb screws on a priest in a confessional” before insisting that nothing elicited from Cohen will shake the Religious Right’s loyalty to the president because these stories are old news and Trump is a Christian now.

“Here’s the hilarious part,” Wallnau said. “It will have no more effect on us than the ‘Access Hollywood’ videos did. You know why? This is a decade old. You know, Trump met his first real evangelicals in 2015—by the way, I don’t want to reveal stuff I shouldn’t, but he prayed with people, prayed his first prayers, really, in 2016. Now, in our world, you’ve got a guy whose got a decade-old history and then he comes to meet some Christians, he comes to maybe meet the Lord and he wants to do what’s right; we will not tolerate somebody digging up dirt on him from 10 years ago. [When] he’s going to our church and he’s supporting our ministry, I’ll tell you what we do: We close ranks, we pound in the spirit the demons that are harassing him—and that is what is going to start to happen.”