Lance Wallnau: The Left Is Using ‘Nazi Tactics’ And ‘Basic Voodoo Hypnotism’ To Demonize Trump

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page last night in which he warned that Democrats and the media are using Nazi propaganda techniques to portray President Trump and his supporters as white supremacists.

Wallnau said that he got a spiritual word of warning 10 months ago about Nazi symbols over the United States, which he said was not a warning about a rise in racism and neo-Nazism but rather a rise of “the Nazi strategy of propaganda that is being used right now by the media-Democratic industrial complex in order to brainwash America so that they can recapture control and hopefully remove Trump from power.”

Wallnau said that the Left is using “Nazi tactics” and “Nazi propaganda” to demonize “the Right, and Donald Trump, and Christians, and every white person in America who voted Republican.”

“It’s basic voodoo hypnotism 101 for a good propagandist at the Nazi party,” he said. “And that’s what the Left is doing.”

“The zombification of culture is what’s taking place,” Wallnau added. “There is an intelligent, demonically-inspired strategy for conditioning Americans to new beliefs; we’ve watched it happen over the last 15 years with the entire LGBTQ community.”