Lance Wallnau Says That God Is Behind Trump’s Tweets And Ignorance Of World Events

Recently, Donald Trumploving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau regaled participants on the Elijah List “Kingdom Power and Wealth” cruise with stories of his connection to and prophecies about President Trump, during which he declared that Trump’s incessant use of Twitter and ignorance about global events is actually the work of God.

“That same unpredictable, erratic Twitter twitch that he has is in the hand of the Lord,” Wallnau said, asserting that Trump’s tweets about China forced Chinese president Xi Jinping to come to America “to try to just get a handle on him because he’s tweeting these crazy tweets.”

That meeting was fortuitous, he explained, because it happened just as Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria for its use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Wallnau said that “it was the hand of the Lord” that Trump bombed Syria while President Xi was visiting because that move showed China that it must take steps to rein in North Korea.

On top of that, Wallnau celebrated Trump’s ignorance about world events, saying that he doesn’t have to understand these sorts of issues because “when you are anointed, you can get away with a lot of things.”

Wallnau said “there is a certain genius” in the fact that the president of China had to explain to Trump the complex history between his country and North Korea, insisting it was a good thing because it makes the Chinese president realize that “I have some influence with [Trump], let’s do what we can do, I don’t want to screw this relationship.”

“That is a very powerful position to have because now the president of China believes that he has a connection with the president of the United States, who basically is an inexperienced politician with a sense of righteousness and a very clear agenda,” Wallnau said. “He’s going to have to work with him as opposed to play chess with him and piss him off, which is what China did with Obama and Bush and everybody else.”

“God’s changed the game,” Wallnau declared, as he and the audience began speaking in tongues.