Lance Wallnau Needs Your Money To Broadcast From DC & Create Holy Disruption

Lance Wallnau, the advocate of Seven Mountains dominionism who insisted throughout the year that God had anointed Donald Trump, is trying to raise the money to launch a weekly broadcast from Washington, D.C.

Wallnau has said that God picked Trump to act as a divine wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness and other enemies of God. He said the election was a choice between someone anointed by God and someone anointed by the devil. During the campaign, Wallnau could hardly think of enough ways to describe God’s favor toward Trump. Trump, he said, has a “mantle of government” anointing, an “Elijah mantle” and a “Cyrus anointing.” God, Wallnau says, will use Trump like he used George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.

The D.C. broadcast plan is part of a bigger picture Wallnau laid out in an email earlier this month. Trump’s election gave America an extension of time before God’s judgment, he wrote, but it is a problem that “there is no cohesive strategy” to keep all the Christians who voted for Trump “engaged in the battle of ideas.”

Even more, 2017 is not just about an American “reset” but a “global reset.” And that takes cash:

I am getting calls from believers in other countries that see this as the moment to shift their nation. The truth is, I need to self fund these global 7m missionary events. Doors have opened into China and Africa but we don’t have a big enough budget to send the team that is needed.

On Christmas day, Wallnau sent an email to supporters saying that he realized that he had been “robbing them of access and participation to the anointing that works through this ministry” by not sharing all the stories of the breakthroughs his teaching brings about. Sad! Wallnau gave his supporters the pitch made by all prosperity gospel promoters: God will bless you for sending me money. He even compares wealthy donors who give him major gifts (perhaps a $1,000-per-month “life mastery partnership”?) to the wise men who gave Mary and Joseph gifts of frankincense, gold and myrhh as “divine provision” for “an all-expense-paid trip to Egypt.”

I believe God will resource you this year in new ways as you sow into the birthing of this new thing God is doing in LanceWallnau ministries and our work as a voice to the nation. If what I am seeing is accurate, I believe we will be broadcasting from Washington D.C. I believe God will make happen for you what you help make happen for others!

I’ve never felt so strong as I do now about the supernatural nature of what we’re stepping into. For some of you – this is the season to become a monthly partner with us! For others, this is the season to give that special donation, like the kings from the east. This is a special window of time right now.

In a follow-up email a few days later, he repeats the pitch for people to “sow into the spirit or anointing on this ministry” because 2017 will be such a critical year:

  • I need only $100,000 and I can start to BROADCAST WEEKLY FROM WASHINGTON D.C. We are going to have to be an army rising up in the earth, or we will see the sons of anarchy ruin the harvest of nations. We have tons of preachers but few teachers and persuaders on the front lines where FAITH AND CULTURE COLLIDE.
  • This is the year to plant micro-groups all over the nations. It’s the year to provide training and activation on America’s leftists college campuses! We (you and my family) are called to help network the Millennials together for a holy disruption.