Lance Wallnau Looking For Divine Funding To Replace The Media With A Conservative Christian ‘Surround Sound’ For Trump

Yesterday, Religious Right speaker Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope in which he declared that God will soon put him in touch with “millionaires and billionaires” who will fund an effort to take control of the media from the “false prophets” and hand it over to conservative Christians.

“We’re not dealing with fake news, we’re dealing with false prophecy,” he said. “We’re dealing with false teachers and false prophets in media. Maybe we need a confrontation like Baal with the false prophets in media.”

Asserting that liberals “are always miserable,” Wallnau said that “real crazy liberals” are planning to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration because progressivism “is a religion” that compels them to “invade your inauguration to make a political statement because they are miserable 24 hours a day!”

But the good news, Wallnau prophesied, is that “a couple millionaires and billionaires” are going to step up to finance “outlets for the truth to be told in ways that are powerful and penetrate and they can contradict the propaganda of the false prophets of Baal, get into the spirit of Elijah and speak the truth because Donald Trump is going to need a surround sound in America with new voices rising up, intelligently mobilizing activists for the Book of Acts. Bam!”

“I pray for new media, new artists, new politicians, new think tanks, new lawyers, new journalists,” he proclaimed, “and we’re going to grab the sound waves over the heavens, we’re going to grab the eyeballs going through the internet and we’re going to—just like Trump did in politics—we’re going to see done for a reformation where truth will overcome evil!”