Lance Wallnau: Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher Controversies And Arrest Of Federal Contractor Were ‘An Answer To Prayer’

Last night, Donald Trumploving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope in which he claimed that the controversies surrounding Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher, as well as the arrest of a federal contractor who allegedly leaked classified information to a news outlet, are all the result of a prayer gathering in which he took part.

“Prayer is working but I don’t think we often see the connection between our prayers and what’s happening,” Wallnau declared, marveling that he had just been at an intercessory prayer gathering in Georgia and now there has been “a breakthrough regarding our prayers in [the] exposing of the deep state” directly related to Georgia.

Wallnau was referring to the arrest of Reality Leigh Winner, a federal contractor in Georgia who was arrested for allegedly leaking a top-secret National Security Agency report detailing Russian hacking efforts ahead of the 2016 election to The Intercept.

“We were praying for the deep state to start to get exposed,” Wallnau said, “and indeed, in the state of Georgia, I’m so pleased to see where the first deep state arrest is happening.”

Wallnau said that they were also “praying about the absurd, vitriolic energy … with which the left has been savaging Donald Trump” and, as a result, Trump critics like Griffin and Maher now find themselves at the center of controversy.

“My contention is that when there is such sustained disrespect for authority,” he said, “especially authority that we are of the opinion that God has anointed, God has blessed, when you have that kind of obnoxiousness going on, you simply want to pray and say, ‘Lord, do something’ and I believe God has … I see that as a silencing of the left in these critics.”

“I believe this is really, in a strange way, an answer to prayer,” Wallnau said.