Lance Wallnau Guarantees Mueller’s Questions For Trump Are Based On Illegal Wiretaps Of The Oval Office

During a recent Periscope broadcast, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau guaranteed that the questions that Robert Mueller reportedly wants to ask President Trump as part of his special counsel investigation are based on illegal wiretaps and surveillance of Trump’s private conversations in the Oval Office.

After falsely claiming that former director of national intelligence James Clapper had given the infamous Russian dossier to CNN journalist Jake Tapper and then conspired with former FBI director James Comey to brief Trump on the document in order to give Tapper grounds to report the story, Wallnau railed against former CIA director John Brennan, suggesting that he had orchestrated widespread illegal wiretapping against Trump.

“Those 42 questions they have for Donald Trump, I promise you they’re based on transcripts from wiretapping and surveillance of the president’s private office,” Wallnau said. “Brennan’s deep state CIA moles have recorded everything and the questions the president has to answer are all based on mole transcripts from them invading the private conversations he’s had. Every question, I promise you.”