Lance Wallnau: God Sent Access Hollywood Tape To Prepare Trump To Do God’s Work

Religious Right speaker Lance Wallnau has been one of the most enthusiastic “prophetic” voices for Donald Trump’s candidacy, finding a way to explain how every development in the presidential race (or even in Major League Baseball) is somehow a sign that God is behind the Republican nominee.

Wallnau continued this strain of advocacy in an interview with Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang that was posted on Strang’s website Friday, in which he explained that while the release of a 2005 tape of Trump boasting about sexual assault was in fact all part of God’s plan to prepare him for leadership, the news that the FBI had discovered more emails possibly related to an investigation of Hillary Clinton was “a spiritual thing,” and “almost like God is unraveling something right now in the enemy’s camp.”

Wallnau said that he had been in Jerusalem when the news broke about the 2005 tape of Trump on “Access Hollywood,” and while he was initially worried that it would be “a torpedo to his campaign,” he then “felt then that the Lord said this is a humbling of him.” Trump, he said, “was repenting and embarrassed” about the tape and “discovered that he isn’t a flawless man.”

“And when that humbling happened,” he explained, “I had a sense—God doesn’t do these things and allow these things to happen without a purpose—that humbling is like coming before promotion. I actually had the sense then it wouldn’t torpedo him, it would humble him and make him more malleable as the chaos candidate in the crucible, somebody God could shape.”

On the other hand, he said, the ensuing news about emails possibly relating to Clinton showed that God was “unraveling” something “in the enemy’s camp.”

“I’m telling you,” he said, “it’s a spiritual thing, it’s almost like God is unraveling something right now in the enemy’s camp, that’s how I look at it, and saying if we’re going to do a full exposé, let’s do an honest exposé, you’ve got Trump, now here’s what’s on the other side.”