Lance Wallnau: Cleveland Will Win The World Series Because Activists In Chicago Prevented A Trump Rally

Following game five of the World Series on Sunday night, Donald Trump-loving pastor and Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau posted a video on Facebook prophesying that the Cleveland Indians will beat the Chicago Cubs because Donald Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago earlier this year amid protests.

“Don’t stone the prophets here,” Wallnau said. “Isn’t Cleveland like where the Republican convention was? And isn’t Obama rooted and based in the Chicago political machine?”

“I got a feeling that Cleveland might win just because I think the [Republican] National Convention is a prophetic statement,” he stated, “and Chicago was the one city where the corruption of the Clinton machine organized mobs to produce violence [that] was so disastrous that Trump couldn’t do his meeting there … I would suggest to you that I think Cleveland might win simply because Chicago was naughty and the spirit over Chicago has been disobedient.”