Lance Wallnau Appeals To God’s ‘Reputation’ While Calling On Him To Defend Trump

On Friday, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope in which he urged conservative Christians to appeal to God’s “reputation” in prayer for President Trump by warning that it will look very bad for God if Trump is removed from office.

Citing an incident in Exodus where Moses convinced God not to strike down the Israelites after they created and worshiped a golden calf by arguing that it would look bad for God to have delivered them from slavery in Egypt only to wipe them out in the desert, Wallnau suggested that evangelicals should do the same with God regarding Trump.

“The most powerful prayer is a prayer that appeals to the Lord’s reputation,” Wallnau said. “Here is what I’m telling to the Lord right now, I’m saying, ‘What will they say when a man who makes the embassy move to Jerusalem as your capital is so unjustly beaten up and removed from office? What will they say about the God of Israel honoring those that honor Him? What will they say about this man who, just today, authorized the relaunching of the entire Bush-era faith initiative … More prayer in the White House than any president has had in 50 years, what will they say, Lord, about you when your enemies are mocking the weakness of your people?'”

“What will they say if he cannot be preserved from his enemies railroading him out of town?” Wallnau asked, calling on the “God of Israel [to] rouse from your slumber” on behalf of Trump and “act in such a way that even your enemies will be silenced.”