LaHaye: Obama and Clinton Are Socialists, Not Christians

In a lengthy interview with Marlow Stern in The Daily Beast, End Times enthusiast Tim LaHaye explains that Harold Camping, the man claiming the Rapture will happen tomorrow, is a false prophet, but that doesn’t mean that the Rapture is not, in fact, very very near. 

In the course of the discussion, LaHaye asserted that President Obama is not a Christian, nor is any person that he has appointed to office:

You’ve gone on record stating that President Barack Obama’s policy initiatives are bringing us closer to the apocalypse.

I don’t think I’ve said that. But the fact is, he’s a committed socialist. He was educated by a socialist, he thinks like a socialist, and he surrounds himself with socialist, ultra, ultra-liberal thinkers. The problem with socialism is, not only do they not believe in God or accountability to him…

…You don’t think President Obama believes in God?

I’m talking about socialism. He is a committed socialist. They’re wrong in believing in the perfectibility of man—that man is very good. That’s one of the cardinal mistakes that socialists make. The Bible says that man’s heart is desperately wicked, and he needs salvation. He needs a new heart put in him by spiritual force in calling for the name of the Lord. One thing you have to distinguish is those who claim they’re Christians, but who’ve never had an experience with Jesus. They’re usually people that hardly ever go to church, hardly ever read the Bible, but rather than be atheists or nothing, they say they’re a Christian. Well, that doesn’t make you a Christian.

Isn’t Barack Obama a Christian?

I challenge you: Name one Christian who he’s appointed to public office.

Hillary Clinton.

You’ve got to be kidding me. She’s a socialist. She is ultra, ultra liberal. And besides, have you ever heard of as many communists or socialists that have been appointed as tsars in our country? There are 134 of them and they’ve been appointed by this man who you claim is a Christian.